Cougars News · THS Athletic Equipment Pick-Up and Drop-Off…

Dear THS Athletes,

We will have our athletic equipment pick-up and drop-off on Tuesday, May 19th from 8am-12 noon. You will not be allowed into the Field House, so please make sure you are in the right location with items already bagged and labeled if dropping off. Picking up you will need your locker number and combination.


B/G Basketball and Volleyball – Outside doors of Lego Gym.

Ladies Sports – Outside locker room doors of Field House.

Men’s Sports (other than Football) – Last set of doors of field house alongside the bus parking lot.

Football – Doors outside main entrance to Mrs. Tonya’s office.

Swimmers/Divers– Aquatic Center

Please stay in your cars and a coach will come to you. Have your locker number and combination ready.

See you Tuesday Coogs!